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Quality Control

Hongye places great emphasis on quality control measures during the production of our gearbox products. All of our products meet ISO quality production standards. We operate a quality control center that is dedicated to maximizing manufacturing standards.

  • Coordinate measuring machine (CMM)
    Test items: Geometric dimensioning and tolerance, liner dimension
    Max. tolerance: 0.0025mm
    Strength: High inspection efficiency

  • Testing towards gears
    Test item: Tooth profile, direction and runout for spur gears and bevel gears
    Min. resolution for inductive sensor: 0.0001mm
    a. Relatively small noise is generated during operation, fully meeting customer requirements.
    b. The test guarantees a long service life for our gears.

  • Tool presetter
    Test item: testing for cutters
    Strength: processing, installing, removing, and setting always costs a significant amount of time during production. According to data, auxiliary time occupies 45% of machining time. The tool presetter option minimizes changeover time and maximizes operating efficiency.

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