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Manufacturing Facilities

Hongye is a dedicated manufacturer, specializing in the production of agricultural gearboxes, differentials, reduction drives, and other support components. To maximize the quality of our products, Hongye operates fully equipped and staffed workshops including the CNC workshop, gear hobbing workshop, milling and grinding workshop, and the precision machining center and assembly workshop.

  • CNC workshop
    Hongye has a series machining centers, including an Okuama CNC machining center from Japan, vertical machining center and horizontal machining center.

  • Gear Hobbing workshop
    High speed gear hobbing machine (5-axis) is installed in the workshop, featuring a hob accuracy of class 6

  • Gear shaping workshop
    Gear shapers of various models, including KS5150, YKS5132, KS5120A and YSL5120

Gear shaving cutter grinding machine
S 400 GS shaving cutter grinding machine from Italy, Liebherr LCS 500 CNC gear generating and profile grinding machine with Max. grinding accuracy of class 4.

  • Assembly workshop
    Hongye's factory is equipped with a highly advanced assembly line. All staff members working in this workshop have undergone professional training and have significant experience with the assembly of gearboxes. The assembly line features an output of more than 1,000 gearboxes each day due to the high efficiency operation.

  • Heat-treatment Workshop
    Hongye's heat treatment workshop is equipped with an atmosphere controlled box furnace, induction hardening machine (high frequency, medium frequency or supersonic frequency), mesh belt furnace, pit fluorinating furnace, and plasma fluorinating furnace. The workshop is also outfitted with a metallographic detection room and mechanical property testing room.
    In this part of our factory we perform induction quenching, atmosphere controlled carburizing, carbonitriding, plasma nitriding, vacuum hardening, mesh belt quenching and other processes to produce high quality gearboxes.

Automatic electrostatic coating line
The automatic electrostatic coating line features efficient and automatic coating. The electrostatic coating line integrates multiple processes together, including surface treatment, electrostatic coating, solidifying and drying. These processes add significant corrosion resistance and outstanding coating adhesiveness that meets class 1 ISO-2409 standards.

Modern Logistic
Hongye maintains a modern warehouse, allowing for convenient finished product storage and management. Our warehouse is located in the Yangtze River Delta Economic Zone, allowing for optimal transportation solutions.

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