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Custom Gearbox

Hongye's design team is made up of 12 staffs, including design engineers and production engineers. Each member possesses significant on-site work experience and more than ten years of gearbox design experience.
1. Well-versed in 3D drafting design for gearboxes
2. Twenty years of experience in gearbox fixture development
3. Over 500 agricultural gearbox models have been developed thanks to the highly skilled minds of these team members.
4. Dynamic production design capabilities for the development of customized gearbox solutions.


Our customized gearbox services include molding, mold engraving, and the precision forging of gears. Hongye has the capacity to manufacture more than 250,000 gearboxes in a single year.

Gearbox customization

Provide us with the application, dimensions, input speed, and gear ratio needed for your equipment and we will develop a fully custom and optimized gearbox transmission system for your machinery. We have the experience and know-how to satisfy any of your demands.

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